Prego Maadi Fast Food Delivers the Goods

Of Nour Motawa Lunchtime has become happy time for the people with offices or home owners in Cairo within which the delivery radius of Prego. Raw Food Certification Bali is because Prego’s basic yet delicious nutrition is a favourite located on offices around Cairo. The most important menu options range anywhere from healthy to sinfully rich, and are varied required for daily orders. Prego’s quick delivery and affordable service make for the actual all-round excellent dining event. With restaurant branches in Nasr City as well compared to Maadi, Prego offers a variety of food items through simple sandwiches to big combos, with a greens or two thrown for good measure.

If you are regarding a diet; try our own surprisingly good chicken Caesar salad ( LE) or perhaps a the green salad, discussed with crispy fresh you ought to ( LE). Sandwich picks range in price totally from LE to LE together with are large enough to finally provide ample sustenance. Your own favourites include the flavourful shish tawouk sandwich, who is stuffed with put forward spiced chicken, mayonnaise not to mention pickles for just The. We also enjoy the Alexandrian liver sandwich, which is actually served with tehina as well as , green peppers ( LE), and the shrimp pani sandwich ( .

LE) of crispy toast shrimp with sweet and furthermore sour sauce on impressive bread. Different sizing features for sandwiches allow for you to choose the right enterprise of food or if you want to combine a small hoagie with a salad needed for the ultimate lunch. On the extra hungry, Prego serves up a form of combo meals, every single one including fries and a glass or two. Combos range from Ce for a medium bulgaria pani meal served when it comes to garnishes or LE towards a medium grilled kofta meal up to Ce for the marine fish platter of grilled shrimp, crab and vegetables and / or LE for a vast bite burger.

Our personal favourites embody the Texas chicken mix ( LE), a delicious concoction of chicken, plants and barbecue sauce baked with Tex-Mex spices as well as the the master crispy, a good crunchy chicken breast meal served on a clear bun ( LE). In the Prego, they take or perhaps menu a step a lot of specific competitors with an huge array of offerings via the kilo. We actually like the fact that these items have diet shish tawouk and chicken breast stuff that come with rice, tehina and garlic soak. Other per-kilo choices take into consideration kofta and chicken pani.